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Tattoo Designs - The Best Tattoo Designs Online

tattoo designsWelcome to "X" Tattoo Designs my name is Joe Cross...that's why the "X" - clever, eh? I'm fascinated by all sorts of body art, I love the variety of tattoo designs available and the creativity people show in their ink designs. This site is all about bringing you the best and most innovative tattoo designs out there so you can have the best imaginable cross section of body art designs to choose from. The picture is my right arm by the way...I'm just extending and over on to my back. I'll be putting some video up soon.

From time-to-time we'll be doing interviews with people about their body art and what makes it so special to them. I'll try my best to get people in who have something that little bit different in their tattoo designs. Back with more very soon.



Free Tattoo Designs

With the Internet being in every home today,it's the place many turn to when looking free tattoo designs. Certainly, free can pay dividends  Obviously, you're saving up to $150.00 versus getting a studio to design your new body art.  Of course you can also draw your own tattoo design (if you are artistic) and  then just pay the tattoo artist to do the inking.

Tattoo Designs

So, are free tattoo designs actually worth the trouble?  Sure, being free is always great, but the big question is "is this design something I want to adorn my body with - permanently"?  What will your friends say or think when you reveal your tattoo design was a freebie from the Internet? Personally I think it's all to do th the design itself, and an inking decsion should be given the due care it deserves! It's a permanent change and you have to be happy with it for the rest of your life!  But, be aware, people will ask about your design and it's origin.

I'm sure you've heard the old saying “you get what you pay for”, and it certainly applies here! Although there are many, many websites on the Internet that offer free tattoo designs, in all honesty there are very few that are worthy of serious consideration.  Sadly, most of the free tattoo designs out there on the Internet are of dubious quality.  For my money, it is very much in your best interest to either have a professional tattoo artist make the design for you or get  a professional paid for design from the Internet.

tattoo designs

People who go with free tattoo designs will justify their decision in any way they can, but I just nthink it's far too dangerous to go this route when it is a lifetime decision. Plus, as with anything free, it is so very time consuming searching through all the dross to find that one nuggett. How valuable is your time?

My advice is always get a professional dsigner or a paid for tattoo design from a reputable online tattoo designer.

Free tattoo designs tend to be made by people who know very little about tattoo designing - you have been warned! In most cases, free tattoo designs are made by an artist looking to make a "quick buck" as opposed to a true professional tattoo artist.  Most of the time, if you're honest, you can tell by just instictivelyknow.  You'll see things like poor quality, poor lines, and more often than not, the work looks like it's just been "knocked up" on a PC.  Remember a tattoo is for life - please don't skimp on your design! I've seen too many poor designs that people live to regret.

So, if you can't afford the deisgn you really want...wait until you can. Please, do not compromise on a tattoo. Finally,  it’s best to have a firm idea in mind about exactly what you want and how it should look.  Although this may take you some time, it is well worth the time you invest.  If you do find a free tattoo design you think you could use, please....double and triple check the quality before you decide to go ahead with it!

Please feel free to have a good look around the site and visit regularly for all the latest news on tattoo designs from around the world.

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